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Requirements of Membership

In New York State, the basic requirements to becoming a firefighter are:

If you can meet or exceed these basic requirements, then read on.

The Oriskany Fire Department has several classifications of membership. These are Active, Associate, Life, Distinguished, Provisional (Junior) and Explorer. Each classification has on to it certain eligibility requirements that must be adhered to.

Active members are the ones who respond to calls for service. Active members are required by the Fire Company By-laws to attend 25 alarms, 4 regular company meetings, and attend 8 hours of OSHA standard training. As an Active member, voting privileges are granted at all regular company meetings, which include the annual meeting in December for elections of officers such as Chief and President.

Associate and Life members are the ones who have earned the right to remain a member of the Department but are not held to the same standards as an Active member would be. These members have given their time over the years and may simply enjoy the benefits of belonging to the Department.

Upon initial acceptance to the fire department, you will be placed on a six month probationary period. During this probation, you will be evaluated on your performance as a firefighter. If you successfully pass your probationary period, and attend one of the initial training classes within two years from the date you joined, you will remain a Member of the Oriskany Fire Department. Initial training classes: Fire Police (direct traffic at scenes), Scene Support (exterior operations), or Firefighter 1 (interior firefighting). In addition to these, if you so choose to, you may participate in EMS program where you can become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or be a part of the technical/swift water rescue team.

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