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Technical Rescue (Land & Water)

One of the many types of incidents that we may respond to are various types of rescues. This branch of the fire service is typically referred to as “technical rescue”. When people are trapped inside vehicles after collisions, swept away by water, fall down steep hills, or other situations where it is not easy to get them out, we are called in.

By utilizing special equipment, including the Jaws of Life and airbags, saws and other hand tools, our members can extricate patients from motor vehicle collisions. We are very pleased with the performance of these tools and have had no major issue with them in the past.

We have members trained in swift water rescue as well. The Oriskany Technical Team Emergency Rescue Swimmers, or OTTERS for short, is a water rescue unit that was formed in 2009. In the early 1990's, the concept of water rescue in the OFD began with a generous donation of a 12 foot Quicksilver inflatable rigid bottom boat and a 5 hp motor. Since the creation of the OTTERS, the team has grown exponentially with in-water rescue technicians and equipment. Click here for more information.

Additionally, several of our team members are trained in high angle and rope rescues. These are uniquely highly trained people who have demonstrated skill and courage in the face of an ever evolving and complex rescue effort.

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